WHY Choose US?


    Unlike Allied Universal, Effective Guard Professionals started with a mothers feeling of helplessness and her determination to provide effective guarding as status quo to the industry. Our mission is to have 100% of our clients 100% satisfied and safe. Our founder, with her beliefs, has created a legacy through her leadership that is changing the industry. She believes that safety can best be accomplished through training. EGP is accountable to its clients and has vowed to never charge a client for ineffective guarding. It's no longer enough to just have a "body" at the site. In this technology driven society, it is easy to go online to find a security guard company. Every company has meet the minimum requirements to be licensed through the state of Texas. Although, there are laws, regulations, and an extensive verifiable eligibility process. Effective Guard Professionals are accountable to you, the client. With our responsible leadership skills, we have been able to develop a solid infrastructure with low turnover. We empower our clients who acquire our services to mitigate the reason that we were deployed to their site by being proactive and reactive when needed.

     We are increasingly seeing threats to businesses, schools, complexes and hospitals. Losses are increasing in property and in some unfortunate situations, life. Giving you even more reason to hire the best security in Dallas.

     Investing in security can help significantly reduce a company’s vulnerability to many factors that threaten performance, facilities, employees, and the key management personnel. Manned security is probably the only true effective form of reducing vandalism, theft and criminal damages to property and aggressive behavior towards staff and service users.

     The Effective Guard Professionals Firm is unique in the fact that our guards are effective deterrents for one reason only. Because they are professionals! They are present and active. Our guards are required to check in every 15 minutes using our technology. This not only ensures safety but it allows you, the client, to be updated on what is going on at your site remotely to help you feel at ease about your security investment.

We provide elite guard service at an affordable cost.


The reason why you should choose us over any other company is because our guards share in our belief with us that they can and should be effective. Our founder has spent the last 10 years is the industry developing SOP's and Policies, that once implemented at a site will show we are the missing K. E. Y. to security guard solutions.

K – Keen watchful eye. We provide it both through the way that our guards watch your property and the way that you can watch our guards. Our guards are trained to observe and report. We have initiated better than best practice standards by our guard being required to do property checks at least 4 times an hour with our advanced technology. Which allows you, the client, to log in from any convenient electronic device 24 hours a day to see the patrolling of your property.

E - Efficiency. Our guards are efficient deterrents for one reason only because they are professionals! They are present and active. They are certified in over 25 courses that ensure not only that someone is on your property but that they are effective. We believe in trying to keep a familiar person at your site. You will not see a different guard at your site every other night. Part of establishing a safer environment, we find that it is imperative that the same guard is there to become more knowledgeable on who is coming and going.

Y - Yes. We say yes to customized guard service to suit YOUR needs as a client. We are not your average or typical company. It is our goal to be your security solution. Not just the company that you choose to do security for you. From our pricing to our service options We say yes, so that you can also, when asked the question, is your security company “Effective” for you?