Our services starts with professionalism in our administration and management team. We start by identifying a clients security needs and move forward by implementing a personalized plan of action for each individual client. We then take that information and apply it directly to a team of highly trained unarmed or armed guards that have the capability to do, virtually, any service needed.

     Varied or dedicated security patrol service is offered on a 24/7 basis. We also offer an array of on foot/bicycle/vehicle patrol/golf cart options. The customized patrol service is performed by licensed security guards, who have passed additional training and background investigation. Our guards are also First Aid/AED/CPR Certified. We have all of your possible security needs taken care of, we even have metal detection devices to improve safety at your site.

     Effective Guard Professionals are the best in the industry because we have a stringent selective process on who works for us. This process includes drug testing and criminal background checks. Because of our rigorous hiring process we choose only those individuals who are not only qualified on paper but in character as well. With our qualified security team, we will work with you to decide if you are in need of an Unarmed or Armed Professional Guard. The following may help you decided which type of Effective Guard that you need:


     Our unarmed guards are professionals and welcoming yet powerful and deterrent. Unarmed security guards are great for retail locations with high foot traffic. Our guards can control foot traffic or assist with parking locations among several other duties. The guards are also trained to comply under the clients specific needs. Anything from constant patrolling to opening the front door at an office building, our guards are taught to treat the client as another one of their employers.


     Armed security is often requested for the protection of banks, art galleries, jewelry stores, car dealerships or medical centers. In some cases armed security guards become a must have because of the nature of criminal activity plaguing a location. Violent crimes and large scale robbery, unfortunately, make it necessary to have a more advanced level of defense.


     At no additional cost to you we offer a cloud-based monitoring system that connects you to your guards at all times. In the case of an emergency, a guard can quickly alert team members with the click of a button and e-mail alerts, GPS location and a web portal alarm will sound so your team can take immediate action. This will ensure accurate timekeeping, and a GPS location for each guard. You can require notes or photos at checkpoints, you will have the detailed, digital, and physical reports you need to lighten your worries.

You own it, we protect it...

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